About Us

At the core of our services, we optimize innovation, integration, and informed decision orchestration – empowering effective management, utility and sustainability of the world’s infrastructure data.
Urban GIS assists the professional needs of those responsible for creating and managing the world’s infrastructure, including roadways, transit, bridges, airports, land & facility management, skyscrapers, and utility networks.
We provide solutions designed for the entire lifespan of the infrastructure asset(s), catered to meet the requirements of the professionals involved: architects, engineers, planners, contractors, fabricators, IT managers, operators, and maintenance engineers.
No matter how large or small the scale of a project, we implement long term solutions to ensure information flows smoothly between workflow processes and project team members.
Using proven standards and principles, our firm stays on the cutting-edge of technology.
We transform challenges into opportunities: producing quality-driven solutions and effectively managing geospatial assets, activities and incidents.
At Urban GIS, we personalize our approach to meet your needs: Your World, Your Way


Geospatial Solutions Engineered For Your Needs

Our team has over 200  collective years of combined GIS and asset management expertise, complimented with a wide range of infrastructure and information technology backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of infrastructure and engineering systems, in addition to our industry leading information technology and systems integration capabilities. Using proven standards and principles, Urban GIS stays on the cutting edge of technology, delivering exceptional results. We’re committed in providing comprehensive, quality-driven solutions by effectively managing geospatial assets, activities, and incidents. With every project we undertake, our priority remains the same: optimizing geospatial solutions, customized to meet your needs.