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We Empower Your Utility Needs, Your Way

Urban GIS is here to support and address your business challenges in the utilities industries, every step of the way. We’re passionate in helping you visualize, analyze, and understand your existing data or new asset information. In working with your spatial data, we identify relationships, patterns and trends in the form of web applications, hard copy maps, and reports. We’re committed to reveal the full potential of your data through GIS.


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Driving Your Transportation Needs, Your Way

Transportation projects have been at the forefront of the Urban GIS portfolio and continue to be a major service segment. Our support of the scope encompasses mainstream solutions at the State and local tiers, including data design & development, asset management, linear referencing, planning analysis & design support, application development, and inspection services. We actively support the sectors of highways, transit, aviation, and rail to establish Urban GIS as a partner and asset to our clients.

Land and Facility Management

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